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3 thoughts on “ Eternity Has Past (Nutty T Remix)

  1. In light of eternity, that amount of time isn’t one day closer to the amount of time that God has truly existed because no matter how big that number is, God has existed for that long, times that long again, times that long again, times a trillion times that long again, and even then you haven’t lessened the time that God has existed by a.
  2. Giggles and Nutty have a lot of hunger! And they're starving. Nutty about to milk the cow. Hey, it's that cow Lifty and Shifty stole four years ago. Nutty is starting to milk the cow. The cow didn't have milk, but at least have milk powder. 'Aww no food, no hope We have no more choice but to sell it.' Blast from the Past.
  3. I bought PoE Complete Edition on Xbox One X, but I don't have internet in my area so I play offline games unless I go to a friend's house. I started up the game and was ready to finally try this game out and upon selecting "new game" it starts to load then goes back to the main menu where it says something like "Failed to fetch legal documents, please make sure you are connected to the.

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