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  1. Sep 27,  · Those unfamiliar with Countess Bathory will especially enjoy this retelling of her life, yet the author adds enough with her selection of events and prose to create a compelling read for those of us who have read other Bathory novels. Erzsébet Báthory was a powerful countess 4/4().
  2. The Controversial Case of Countess Bathory - Facts and Popular Culture Countess Bathory, also known as the Blood Countess is a 16th century Hungarian aristocrat ranked in none other than the Guinness Book Of Records as the most murderous murderess of all time.
  3. Countess Bathory Lyrics: Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life / In the castle known to all, the Counts infernal wife / She invites the peasants with endless lavish foods / But when evening.
  4. Elizabeth Bathory (–) was a countess who lived in Transylvania, then a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. She was from a very important family that included kings, cardinals, knights, and judges. Her family ruled Transylvania as an independent region within the Hungarian kingdom. She was well-educated, beautiful and unofalmysotperptatetavithymisp.coinfo was also virtually untouchable as a member of the Bathory Born: 7 August , Nyírbátor, Kingdom of Hungary.
  5. Elizabeth Bathory is a very suitable subject for a Black Metal song. The American prostitute Aileen Wournos, who was executed in and made famous in the film Monster, is sometimes referred to erroneously as the first female serial unofalmysotperptatetavithymisp.coinfo have of course been female killers throughout history, but the name of the Blood Countess stands out amongst even the most prolific and depraved.
  6. Sep 03,  · The gruesome tale of Elizabeth Bathory has become part of national folklore and the subject of numerous plays, books, and movies. She is often compared with Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, on whom the fictional Count Dracula is partly based, and has become known as The Blood Countess.
  7. Jul 24,  · With an unquenchable thirst for blood, Countess Elizabeth Bathory was one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Tearing flesh from bodies and bathing in warm blood, she delighted in an unholy quest for immortality while her country was being torn apart by a brutal and devastating civil war/5(86).
  8. The Infamous Lady, Countess Erzsebet(Elizabeth)Bathory is reviled as the World's Worst Female Serial Killer, Countess Báthory is said to have bathed in the blood .

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