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9 thoughts on “ Overflowing Abortion Dumpster

  1. Aug 26,  · FALSE. Examples: [Collected via e-mail, August ] Theres a story being spread about a homeless man finding a 7 limbed baby alive in a dumpster behind an abortion .
  2. Jul 07,  · (unofalmysotperptatetavithymisp.coinfo) - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Lathrup Village (Mich.) Police Department are investigating the contents of a dumpster behind the WomanCare abortion clinic where body parts of aborted babies, bio-hazardous materials and patients'medical records were found earlier this month."I was aware of the reality of abortion, but it was unnerving," Police Sgt.
  3. Nov 03,  · On February 26, the bodies of seventeen aborted babies were found in trash bags in a dumpster used by the WomansChoice Lansing abortion mill in Lansing, Michigan. The discovery was made by Pro-Lifer Chris Veneklase who had spent weeks observing the staff toss large black bags into the dumpster.
  4. The office cited three Michigan clinics in after abortion opponents said they found records including intake forms, driver's licenses, and recovery room reports, as well as fetal remains, in dumpster bins. One clinic blamed a janitorial service, but all subsequently took steps to comply with the law.
  5. Jul 29,  · The Whole Women’s Health abortion facility in Austin had its last known inspection on April 23, we found that they were tossing mangled aborted baby remains into overflowing dumpsters.
  6. Dec 30,  · Anti-abortion advocate Pat Mahoney, who had been affiliated with Operation Rescue, said Livingston's accusations were "ludicrous." In October, Carlos Ricoarango, owner of .
  7. Aug 27,  · Foes Dive for Discarded Records in Abortion Clinic Dumpsters. Garbage has become an unlikely battleground in the abortion debate, as anti-abortion groups seek evidence of .
  8. By Cheryl Sullenger. Austin, TX – A year old woman who was hemorrhaging and vomiting was transported to Del Seton Medical Center for emergency care after a botched abortion at Whole Women’s Health in Austin, Texas.. The episode, which took place on January 10, , represented a life-threatening medical emergency, according to the records recently obtained by Operation Rescue.

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