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8 thoughts on “ Please, Please, Please - James Brown - Month Of Soul (Vinyl)

  1. Oct 28,  · Please, Please, Please was James Brown and the Famous Flames’ first single, released in by Federal. And there, from the outset, is that voice: torrid, strident, awash with powerful emotion.
  2. Prior to their first recording, "Please, Please, Please", The Famous Flames were billed simply as The Flames, and Brown himself was billed as a member of the group. In later concerts and recordings Brown and the group were billed as James Brown and The Famous Flames, or sometimes as James Brown and His Famous Flames.
  3. James Brown was the best entertainer and good singer (before Michael Jackson) in the early s, the s, s, s and the early s, but only in his live appearances and music videos. I just like only some of his good songs like: "I feel good" (), "Sex machine" () and "Living in America" (). R.I.P James ().
  4. Usually during the song "Please, Please, Please," Brown would become distressed and fall to his knees in exhaustion, prompting MC Danny Ray to come over and place a cape around the singer's shoulders.
  5. I owned a 'best of' James Brown box set and decided to explore more James Brown. I'd read in an interview that 'The Payback' was the album James Brown was most proud of. This is on par with "Magical Mystery Tour" but funk instead of rock and roll. It has been a very long time since I've enjoyed an album this much. This album makes me feel alive/5().
  6. James Brown was not an albums artist. That’s a bad sales pitch. We’re here to talk about Brown’s best albums, after all. But any statement to the contrary would be a lie. Brown released nearly 70 albums and most of those came between and
  7. But James Brown had singular talent, and the vision to hire the baddest. In his own time, he became “Soul Brother Number ONE,” a larger-than-life Godfather of Soul. “JAMES BROWN is a concept, a vibration, a dance,” he told us recently. “It’s not me, the man. JAMES BROWN is a freedom I .
  8. That James Brown has definitively affected contemporary music across the board was something he could never have foreseen when he first stepped into the basement studio of a radio station in Macon, Georgia in the fall of with the group The Famous Flames to record a demo of "Please, Please, Please.".

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