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8 thoughts on “ Coma - Disraptor - Subterranean (CDr)

  1. This program is designed to obtain very deep (~ 19 hr) exposures of the Coma cluster and surrounding environment for a variety of purposes. It includes deep, high-quality spectra of the two cD galaxies in Coma, ordinary elliptical galaxies, dwarf elliptical galaxies, ultrafaint dwarfs, and regions of .
  2. May 09,  · Coma in an optical system refers to aberration inherent to certain optical designs which results in off-axis point sources (i.e. stars) appearing distorted, appearing to have a tail like a comet, hence why it is known as coma. Coma is an inherent property of telescopes using parabolic mirrors, which Newtonian telescopes do.
  3. The Coma Recovery Scale (CRS-R), also known as the JFK Coma Recovery Scale - revised, is used to assess patients with a disorder of consciousness, commonly coma. It may be used to differentiate between vegetative state (VS) and minimally conscious state (MCS). It can also be used to monitor emergence from minimally conscious state (EMCS or MCS+).
  4. Apr 23,  · So I understand I may need a coma corrector, given the wide FOV and fast-ish scope. Some obvious options are: Paracorr, £, increases f-ratio by , adjustable - (but I do not understand what the adjustment is doing). Baader MkIII, £, no effect on f-ratio Skywatcher coma corrector, £98, f-ratio reduced (by x).
  5. Nov 01,  · COMA RECOVERY SCALE-REVISED © Administration and Scoring Guidelines Joseph T. Giacino, Ph.D. and Kathleen Kalmar, Ph.D. Center for Head Injuries Edison, New Jersey Johnson Rehabilitation Institution Affiliated with JFK Medical Center Updated
  6. coma (GCS ), and light coma (GCS ). Kater noted that the difference in cognitive level scores was greatest for those patients in the moderate coma severity group. Patients in deep coma also seemed to benefit from the stimulation, though patients in the light coma .
  7. Intercontroller CAN bus extension (where the maximum distance limit would be exceeded) Intercontroller CAN bus bus-tie bridging - makes groups of controllers in segments A and B "invisible" one for another depending on bus-tie breaker state, keeping the PC communication in function for all controllers.

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