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  1. Mar 04,  · Tony Baloney's is a Sacramento landmark that has lasted 52 years. They also make and sell their salad/sandwich dressings. I had the Meatball /5(15).
  2. baloney definition: The definition of baloney is another spelling for the meat bologna. (noun) An example of baloney is a meat sausage that is sliced in thin circular slices and used on sandwiches.
  3. The bologna sandwich is a sandwich common in the United States and Canada. Also known as a baloney sandwich, it is traditionally made from sliced bologna sausage between slices of white bread, along with various condiments, such as mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup.. The bologna sandwich is a regional specialty in the Midwest, Appalachia, and the South. It is the sandwich served at lunch Main ingredients: Sliced white bread, bologna sausage, .
  4. Falsehoods, nonsense, or foolishness. Baloney in this sense might have originated from the word "blarney," which means flattering or nonsensical talk; more usually it refers to bologna sausage, which is blended from different meats, therefore implying content of inferior or dubious quality. Primarily heard in US. What a load of baloney.
  5. uncountable noun If you say that an idea or statement is baloney, you disapprove of it and think it is foolish or wrong. [mainly US, informal, disapproval] That's a load of baloney.
  6. We found 28 answers for “Baloney”. This page shows answers to the clue unofalmysotperptatetavithymisp.coinfoy may be defined as “Baloney is slang for nonsense”, “Pretentious or silly talk or writing” and “Boloney pretentious or silly talk or writing”. A synonym for Baloney is gibberish.
  7. baloney (n.) as a spelling variant of bologna sausage (q.v.), representing the popular pronunciation. As slang for "nonsense," , American English (popularized s by Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York; sometimes said to be one of the coinages of legendary "Variety" staffer Jack Conway), from earlier sense of "idiot" (by ), perhaps influenced by blarney, but usually regarded as.
  8. Baloney is nonsense. When someone says something completely ridiculous, call it a bunch of baloney. If your friend tells you a unicorn on roller skates ate the last cookie, tell her she’s full of baloney! The word baloney comes from the sandwich meat called bologna, which is .
  9. Villafuerte likewise described as " baloney " claims that he benefitted from Alvarez's leadership when he was allocated P billion in pork barrel funds for his second district in Camarines Sur of whichP billion was included in the Pbillion insertion. House official on 'pork' distribution: Majority rules.

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