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9 thoughts on “ Passerby - Dispatch - Who Are We Living For? (Vinyl, LP)

  1. May 01,  · Dispatch - "Passerby" (Live from Radio City Music Hall) Live footage of Dispatch performing "Passerby" at Radio City Music Hall on October 5, Setlist: 1. .
  2. We stand with the women and girls who have shared their stories concerning Nahko ’s abuse of power, manipulation of women for sexual gain and alleged sexual assaults. We also want to be clear that drawing the line at criminalized abuse or rape, and otherwise looking the other way, contributes to the normalization of all forms of sexual violence.
  3. Silent Steeples [Gold Vinyl] (LP) Dispatch Vol. 1 - Ain't No Trip To Cleveland (CD) Dispatch Circles Around The Sun (CD) Dispatch Circles Around The Sun (LP) Who Are We Living For (LP) Dispatch Who Are We Living For? (CD) Dispatch Silent Steeples (CD) Dispatch Bang Bang (CD) Dispatch View More. NOW OPEN! Visit our new Berkeley.
  4. Nov 12,  · referencing Who Are We Living For?, 2xLP, Blu, BMBR Don’t really feel like this is the cleanest pressing. A bit inconsistent, but Passerby is one of my favorite tracks from Dispatch /5(21).
  5. Dispatch - Passerby Lyrics. I'm not crazy like my brother but it's the way that I choose I don't hang around with a sixpence when I got everything to lose Would you bri.
  6. Jan 01,  · “Passerby” is the sixth track from Dispatch’s album, Who Are We Living For?.
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  8. Oh don't you be a passerby Oh won't you sit down And stay a while Cause it's been too long since you been around Sold out men from across the way He thought he heard what he heard you say Hey now man your watch it shines For the bid of a second yeilds 40 times Oh don't you be a passerby Oh won't you sit down And stay while Don't you be a passerby.
  9. General CommentI think that the majority of this song is sung in the first person point of view of a homeless man who is begging the bystanders to stay with him for a little unofalmysotperptatetavithymisp.coinfo 4th verse is saying that time may pass be shortly for us who live in a priveledged life- illustrated by the man's shiny gold watch, but for those who have no luxuries or even the bare essentials everyday of.

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